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No matter where you are looking to call home, having a qualified and expert REALTOR® will help make the home buying process easy. If you are starting out on your search, or you have been at it a while and still have questions, check out this guide to streamline your efforts and offer some much-needed peace of mind.

Steps Involved Buying a Property:

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments we make. To help you streamline the process, here are some major steps to consider. 

1. Determine Home Type
Decide what you are looking for: start a listing of “must haves” and “nice to haves”. The most basic are number of bedrooms and bathrooms; detached, attached or apartments; one or multi-levels; whether master on main is a must; open or separated kitchen; whether the garage is a necessity.

2. Decide Location
Decide the location you would like to move to and whether the school district is a factor. Drive around different neighborhoods to do some comparative “shopping”.

3. Determine Price
Decide the price range that you’ll be willing to pay. It is advisable to talk to your banker/mortgage broker to have a pre-qualification letter that specify the highest amount that you can pay. It has become a norm that sellers require a pre-qualification letter along with any offers to purchase.

4. Secure an Agent
Find the right real estate agent. Even though it is much easier to browse through the websites like Zillow or to search for properties, over 70% of the home buyers use a real estate agent. A professionally licensed Realtor will guide you through the process with minimal emotion and maximum efficiencies.

5. Tour Homes
Start touring the homes of interest. It will be helpful to take notes and pictures to help you remember the pros and cons of each property. It is totally okay to tour as many homes as you feel comfortable. As stated earlier, you are making a substantial purchase so make sure that you are comfortable with your decisions. It is much better to revisit the homes of choice several times than to make an offer on impulse. It will be costly in both money and time for you and the sellers if you decide to rescind the offer after it has become a contract.

6. Due Diligence
Due diligence period. In North Carolina, buyers have the choice to pay a negotiable amount of money to the seller for the time that the buyers will be doing due diligence while the property is off the market. During the due diligence period, you will be getting home inspections, negotiating – through your broker – repairs, applying for a loan, getting the house appraised and other necessary evaluations.

7. Finalize Documents
After the due diligence period, you, your broker and the closing attorney will be working closely to get the paper work done. You will need to get home insurance, wind, fire or flood insurance if required, title insurance and other needed documents.

8. Close on Your Home
Once the General Warranty Deed and Deed of Trust (if a mortgage is needed) are recorded at the Register of Deeds, you will be the official owner of the new home! Time to move in!

Stephanie C.


“We love Kim! We just moved here from across the country and was recommended to use Kim through a friend. She was instantly on top of it. She helped us find a house in just a few weeks. She was very thorough and had great attention to detail. She really cared. We’ve bought and sold many houses in our day. She is possibly the best agent we’ve used. She is honest and will give you a genuine opinion. She was great at guiding us to local things to do and contractors to make changes on the house. She has made this experience of moving to Durham really great!”

L. Bruce


“My first experience with Kim was when I purchased my home. I found her to be very responsive, reliable and very knowledgeable about the market. She was very responsive to our questions and needs and was always early when meeting with us. She followed up with everything and got an answer for us. Excellent agent to work with hands down. She is really good and knows her business. We also used her to sell another home I owned and got more than what we thought we would get.”